What Happened The Night Mother Sally Got Her Groove Back

So…On Friday night there was an event nearby which was suddenly stopped, for whatever reason. The crowd from that event walked over to our event and we had to deal with a sudden and very large influx of people. On top of that, I believe the event was an end of term fete geared to a younger crowd so we had to be very meticulous in checking for ID, taking a longer time than usual to get people into the venue. The police assisted us with the crowd and advised us to close the outer gate leading into the venue's carpark so that the line in the car park could filter into the fete. As this line dissipated, the car park gate would opened to let people in to queue and enter the venue. This was repeated a few times until everyone was able to get in. Some of those who were turned back or, who really had no interest in entering, gathered on the outside of the carpark and along the road. Unfortunately, this gave the appearance that we were under perpetual siege and may have dissuaded some patrons from entering. At no point did we shut down or were we forced to stop admitting patrons.

We regret that anyone was inconvenienced by having to wait unduly to get in. We want to thank anyone who was affected for your patience and support and we'd just as wholeheartedly like to thank the police for their assistance; it was nothing short of stellar. 

On another note, in spite of the problems of dealing with the human deluge, the fete was FANTASTIC!!!! The partying went on strong right up until we closed off with a brilliant soca jukebox session. We hope to see everyone coming out this Friday for Stay Safe Love Life and we urge you to bring your items for theHIV food bank. Get there before midnight wearing red or white and its only $10 to get in. 

Luv Wunna,

Brewster's Road Crew

PS) You don't have to believe me that the party was on like always until past the wee hours, look here:

PPS) I am not saying who the man in red is, but it's not hard to figure out :) PPS) No, it's not me. :(

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