Eliminate Don’t Discriminate – Featuring Rupee


Tonight at Kensington Oval, Brewster's Road Crew proudly presents "Eliminate Don't Discriminate" in support of HIV awareness featuring INTERNATIONAL SOCA SUPER STAR.. RUPEE!!!.

The party begins at 10PM sharp. Admission is $20.

Show your support! Wear red or white. Walk with a food item to contribute to the HIV Food Bank and help someone in need.

Don't let your Feet Fail You! Prepare for Insomnia since we'll be Jumping 'til morning.  Tonight, Enjoy Yourself in the Mas', even if you're Tempted to Touch you can Blame It On The Music because What Happens in this Party Will Stay In the Party. No Ice-Cream sounds tonight, soca ripping like Thunder. it's Crop Over time and it's my time to party because I AM A BAJAN!

RUPEE is at Brewster's Road tonight. And it's going to be EPIC!

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