Crop Over 2012 Fete #3 – Torch



Somebody tell July that Brewster's Road Crew is coming!!! This week we get FIREY as we present to you TORCH!!!

RESETTING THE HEARTBEAT all over again! This week for the first time ever on a Crop Over 2012 stage exclusive the Brewster's Road Crew – Mr Crop Over aka Lil Rick, the General Edwin Yearwood and 'Pat The Cat' – Pong.

If you like yaself Brewster's Road Crew this friday is where you will be the House of Bachannal – Kensington Oval 10 PM.

Remember this year Brewster's Road is giving patrons a chance to win a 2012 Kia Rio customized by Freak Customs!! It's $20 and double entry forms before if you enter 12. $25 with 1 entry form if you enter after 12.

All shots are 2 4 1 till midnight. 

Brewster's Road Crew is out tuh all!! tgiBRC! We like weself! July we coming!

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